We are a professionally managed public Limited company backed by competent management and with a goal to serve the suffering mankind through quality medicines. Reco is not a company but a concept by which we would like to change the way patients are cured in India, Reco drugs provide best quality in house manufactured medicines with lowest MRP’s. Reco Drugs empower you with a basket of products which covers a gamut of dosage forms i.e. Dry Injections, Liquid injections, Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Dry Syrups & Ointments in an attractive theme packing.

With well established network which stretches from Kashmir to Kerala and a dedicated marketing team we provide one of the finest promotional strategies in terms of launch, print and gift inputs. With the uniqueness of low MRP brands of Reco, Effective inputs and customize strategies for individual territories Reco has expanded exponentially in past few years.
With ever increasing base and tremendous response from the market we invite passionate entrepreneurs to join the jamboree.